and Control

Over 30 years’ experience

Since 1989 PREI S.r.l. has been active in the automation and control sector.
The company has constantly improved its performance and competitivity, positioning itself at highest level both nationally and internationally.

Our technical staff has acquired notable know-how over the years due to the experience gained in the realization of complex projects. Over the years, PREI S.r.l. has increased its resources and skills in the sector of automation and control, becoming part of the PREI Group and supplying a response to all client needs.

  • 1989 PREI

    Control systems


    Sale of industrial instruments


    Civil and industrial electrical systems

  • 2008 PREIPOLAR

    India, Control systems

  • 2017 SMIPREI

    Systems for the analysis of pollutants

Fully-customized realization

PREI S.r.l. has all the elements to cover the entire production process of a control system, from its engineering to testing. This explains why PREI’s products are completely customized according to client needs and adaptable to all industrial sectors.

1989 Employees 5 Turnover 3MLN
2000 Employees 24 Turnover 7MLN
2010 Employees 65 Turnover 18MLN
2020 Employees 72 Turnover 20MLN

Proprietary software

The engineering department in PREI S.r.l. can develop proprietary software on the principle PLC and DCS brands. The vast experience that our technicians have gained over the years relative to industrial processes is in a position to supply a valid support to advantage of both the client and the product.

Products and services

Production of systems such as command and control panels, monitoring systems, Oil&Gas analysis panels, Oil&Gas industrial control units, electrical panels, panels for hazardous areas, purge panels, local instrument panels and generator control protection panels

Electrical, mechanical and instrumental planning and software development for our range of products

Revamping of existing systems

Supply of specialized technical staff for commissioning, start-up, maintenance and training

International certifications

PREI S.r.l. not only has certified quality and safety standards, but also conforms to the necessary standards to satisfy main international markets.

Worldwide presence

In 2008 PREI S.r.l decided to expand its operations opening Preipolar Pvt. Ltd. offices in Chennai (India), providing dedicated support locally as well as underlining its presence internationally. Furthermore, PREI S.r.l. supports its sales representatives in countries such as Iran.

PREI Group PREI Group area of interaction
Main clients

Contracts developed by PREI S.r.l. have contributed to the realization of systems including the following clients and general contractors:

Green Company

PREI S.r.l. takes health and safety very seriously, especially with regards to personal and environmental safety. Thanks to solar energy, the company produces 100% of its energy needs.

Photovoltaic system since 2012

361.381 kW produced