Emergency shutdown systems

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Emergency shutdown systems





Emergency shutdown system in an oil refinery.

Emergency shutdown systems

Emergency shutdown systems are usually installed on oil refinery primary plants or any other critical plant, which requires a reliable and safe system to avoid possible injuries to people and machinery.

The systems includes functions for the management of automatic and manual commands for plant shutdown; monitoring and display of all system parameters; protection against plant faults and malfunctioning; alarm sequencing and engine and valve automatic shutdown; interfacing with auxiliary control system, plant and electrical system supervisors, such as distributed control system by mean of serial links, using the main industrial protocols (Modbus, Profibus, etc.)

System features are fully custom-made, according to customer requirements. 

Control logics are implemented by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and/or hardware. 

All PREI products are CE marked. If required, burner management systems may be fabricated in compliance with UL and CSA standards.