Steam turbine control systems

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Steam turbine control systems





Straight-condensing control system for steam turbines in a petrochemical plant.

Our applications in the steam turbine sector cover the whole range of models for straight-condensing, non-condensing and automatic extraction. 

4454 Steam turbine control system

Specific solutions are developed for the control of special industrial processes, such as papermills, refineries, chemical plants and other applications, where there is a generator or a compressor. Our steam turbine control systems are engineered to guarantee accurate equipment control, using state-of-the-art PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The system automatically carries out protection and control functions, especially control of speed, capacity, vapor pressure, valves and turbine protection. 

The systems are integrated by an HMI (Human Machine Interface) workstation, that can be used by our client to carry out remote operations, including configurations, alarm management, remote control and data acquisition. All systems are engineered to be used in local mode or from the control room.