Gas turbine control systems

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Gas turbine control systems




LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) production

Gas turbine control system for a LNG production site.
Control systems provide monitoring, control and protection in the management of gas turbine systems maintaining high standards of flexibility, efficiency and safety.

Gas turbine control system

More precisely, the system allows the control of all auxiliary and machine systems for all start-up and shut-down phases. Specifically, acceleration, speed, vibrations and temperature parameters of equipment are monitored, together with auxiliary system management such as: lubrication circuit, auxiliary and emergency pumps. The system also gathers data relative to compressor pressure and outgoing gas temperature from the turbine, which determines system efficiency of performance and emissions. This data is used to caliber incoming gas flow to the equipment.

Our system used the following components:

  • General Electric, for turbine control;
  • Bently Nevada, for the control of temperature, vibration and axial displacements;
  • Compressor Control Corporation (CCC) systems, for compressor anti-surge control;
  • Fire & Gas system, for monitoring and managing hazardous situations, such as the presence of explosive gases and fire prevention;
  • ESD (Emergency Shut Down), integrated system, for the management of emergency shut-down.

The systems are integrated by an HMI (Human Machine Interface) workstation, which provides the operator with special interfaces allowing the control of processes, auxiliary components and any alarms.