NFPA-ATEX certified pressurized systems

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NFPA-ATEX certified pressurized systems




Oil refinery

Pressurized panel for installation in hazardous areas (Zone 1), in conformity to NFPA496 ATEX standards.

Pressurized certified system according to NFPA-ATEX

This type of system is foreseen for installation in hazardous areas where the presence of gases can lead to hazardous explosions that compromise control system integrity. Pressurization guarantees positive overpressure inside the panel thus avoiding contact between any sparks and highly explosive gases. 

Pressurization can be supplied so as to be in conformity to NFPA496 and/or CENELEC EN 50016. 

System features are fully custom-made, according to customer requirements. 

Control logics are implemented by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and/or hardware. 

All PREI products are CE marked. If required, burner management systems may be fabricated in compliance with UL and CSA standards.