Local control cabinets

Case History


Local control cabinets




Oil refinery

Control cabinet built according to SOLA74 norms with A0 fire-resistance, by pairing n. 2 units realized with load-bearing 4mm corrugated sheets. This structure functions as a Control Room housing gas turbine control systems and generator protection.

Local control cabinet

The 19x7x4 (m) cabinet houses the following systems: 

  • 2 UCP 
  • 2 GCPP 
  • 2 GEP 
  • 2 MCC 
  • 2 DCP direct power supply panel 
  • 1 battery box including 2 battery packs, 2 direct current disconnectors and a redundant and independent negative pressure ventilation system.

Our cabins are designed and built for use in oil refineries and petrochemical sectors. 

They function as control rooms for control panels, power, analysis and emergency. 

The systems are designed and built according to norms of countries in which they are to be installed and engineered to guarantee high structural resistance and electrical reliability.