Engineering, realization and services


Revamping site services

On-site inspection for updating and modernization of existing control systems

Our technical staff is also involved in on-site inspections for data collection used in the re-planning or modernization of existing control systems.

Realization of new systems

Research and development of fully-customized software and control systems for automated industrial processes

Our planning department is responsible for the elaboration of technical specifications required for the realization of the project, project management, collaboration with the client’s technical staff and scheduling of activities.

These tasks are carried out via the following activities:
  • Activity 1

    Analysis and checking of process diagrams, technical specifications, environmental conditions and laws of the country of the final destination.

  • Activity 2

    Development of project documentation regarding diagrams, building designs, instrumental specifications, quality control and testing.

  • Activity 3

    Development of software, software for system monitoring, trends, data records, communication protocols and network interconnectivity.

Since its establishment, PREI S.r.l. has specialized in producing control and automation systems. For every system taken into consideration, control panels are built by PREI staff according to specific client requirements, from assembling and cabling to testing and certification phases. Our certifications speak to the conformity and validation of the engineering and production.

The production realizes control and command panels compliant to the technical specifications for specific jobs. These tasks are carried out via the following activities:

  • Set up and mounting of internal control panel components following designs and component lists;
  • Wiring;
  • Visual checks;
  • Three-phase testing: internal, with clients’ inspectors and finally with the client.

Support and assistance

Pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and maintenance

Our company supplies manpower for:

  • Installation of systems and panels in sites across Europe;
  • Start-up assistance;
  • Emergency interventions;
  • Remote assistance;
  • Planned or as required maintenance contracts.

Maintenance and workers’ training programs

Training activities for system management and maintenance


Training programs for operators and maintenance workers on proprietary or third party systems.


Provision of manuals required for courses.


Provision of support equipment for training programs.