Investing in perfection

Automation and control systems for industrial processes

Automation and control processes are strategically important in attaining the highest levels of safety and quality

Engineering and realization of control systems for industrial processes

PREI S.r.l. is specialized in electrical and instrumental engineering, developing software for PLC-DCS and building control panels, strictly adhering to client specifications.

Products and services for principal industrial sectors

PREI S.r.l. is mainly focused on the following business sectors: Food industry, Environment, Energy, Industrial production, Oil&Gas, Turbines & Rotating machinery.


Revamping site services

On-site inspection for updating and modernization of existing control systems.

Realization of new systems

Research and development of fully-customized software and control systems for automated industrial processes.

Support and assistance

Pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and maintenance.

Maintenance and workers’ training programs

Training activities for system management and maintenance.

Products and services
Case history

Over 30 years, PREI S.r.l. has realized over 2000 state-of-the-art jobs, respecting client specifications.

Points of strength

PREI S.r.l.’s mission has historically been to improve its performance in the field of automation and control with the specific aim of supporting its clients in attaining state-of-the-art safety and quality of their processes.

Over 30 years’ experience

Established 1989.

Products and services

Engineering, realization, revamping, support and assistance, training.

Fully-customized realization

Engineering and realization in conformity to client specifications.

Proprietary software

Development of software on main PLC-DCS.

International certifications

Products certified according to the main international standards.

Worldwide presence

Italy, India and Iran.

Green company

100% self-sufficient in energy production.

The PREI group

Interaction and support between all companies of the Group.
The perfect partner
Main clients
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